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The 'S' Word is an authentic guide to Singapore from an 'inside outsider'. It is 127 pages in length, split into 21 sections.

Who is the book for?

My inbox is flooded daily with all kinds of questions about Singapore, from relocating and cultural differences to my recommendations for best spots in the city. For that reason, I decided I wanted to put a comprehensive guide together to combine all of the information and knowledge that I’ve gained over the past few years whilst living in the Lion City. I've tried my best to make this book useful for many different categories of readers. Firstly, Singapore expats or Expats-to-be that are moving to Singapore and have a lot of what-to-do and how-to-do questions to ease the moving transition. This guide includes honest information that a newbie expat, expat-to-be or even local Singaporean would need to know. I give honest information about the cost of living, relocation, new customs, culture shocks and general advice for living in Singapore.

Travellers coming to visit Singapore will also benefit from learning these customs as well as having access to my more off-the-grid travel spots as I cover my favorite hangouts, cafes, nature trails and neighbourhoods that the typical tourist wouldn't necessarily know about.

Finally my Singaporean readers who already have local knowledge, will have access to my favourite spots in the Lion City from eateries and crowdsourced Hawker recommendations, to my honest perspective and feelings about living as a foreigner in Singapore.

​Please note: this guide does not contain information on visas, applying for jobs or local schooling. 


Singapore 101

The Basics
Culture Shocks
Misconceptions Foreigners have about Singapore
Public Transport      
Cost Of Living
Where to Live
Making friends in Singapore
Acronyms you need to know
Useful Apps
Local Food
What I've learned in 4 Years
Georgia’s Favorite Spots:
Areas & Neighbourhoods
Things to do on the weekend

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The 'S' Word | Singapore Ebook Guide

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